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Legal firm “R.B. Consulting”

It was since the year 2000, when the lawyers of the Legal firm “R.B. Consulting” began providing legal services based on agreements with principals, strictly in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of May 31, 2002 No. 63-FZ “On Legal Practice and Advocacy in the Russian Federation” and the Code of the Lawyer’s Professional Ethics (as of 22.04.2013).

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Legal Practice

Legal Representation

Principals’ interests representation before the Arbitration Court of Saint-Petersburg and courts of general jurisdiction. Legal support and protection of rights and legal interests of principals when participating in state procurements (Federal Law No. 44-FZ)

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Legal Advice

This relates to the civil and international law and includes providing legal assistance related to miscellaneous deals and investment projects in connection with real estate, selling businesses and ascertaining the clean title thereof.

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Consumer rights protection

Compensation for damage in connection with road accidents, disputes with insurance companies. Real estate sale and purchase, land dealing. Legal assistance in connection with land plots in suburban nonprofit partnerships.

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Legal request forwarding

Requesting evidences, data, and information from any state or non-state entities.

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Debt repayment

Receivables collection proceedings. This service may be provided without payment in advance. Legal process execution assistance, bankruptcy.

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International law

International contracts. Offshores. Disputes with non-residents. Providing a Russian lawyer service in English.

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“Legal firm R.B. Consulting” provides legal services in Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region; provision of legal services in the rest of the Russian Federation is discussed on an individual basis. Read more

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